How Student Coin ( STC) is Important?

It is a MultiUniversity Blockchain Project

Digital Coin based on Blockchain.

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How Student Coin ( STC) is Important?

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 Student coin is the first earth biggest pedagogy token created for Universities.
It has built an STC Ecosystem.
STC Ecosystem Includes:-

  1. STC Exchange

  2. STC Terminal

  3. STC Education

  4. STC Voting

  5. STC Swap

STC is open for Individuals, Firms, Startups & Universities.
At STC Ecosystem anyone can create a personal token, startup token, or decentralized loan token for their Profile.


After creating a Token anyone can trade it, perform crowdfunding, and easily manage required utilities with STC Exchange.
Here Tokenization is powered by STC Token, likewise, other tokens are powered by USD Dollar.
So can you think, How much is it important for the individual who wants their own token? 

STC is the first educational connector between Universities & Students.
It is giving a multi-sided platform to everyone who wants to use this technology.
The main purpose of the project is to educate students about Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.
Along with it incorporate students from different universities creating a digital scholarship based on cryptocurrency and build a unique transaction ecosystem for academic interaction.

I have gone through all its projects, I amazed to see its future plan.
I also rollover my vision of how it would change the old way of the world?
One more thing If you want to Invest in STC, it would be profitable.



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